Hydrocarbons are cracked at temperature between 850 deg. C to 1100 deg. C and at pressures of upto 6kg/cm2 to produce olefins and aromatics like Ethlyne, Propylene, Butadine, Benzene and Toluene. In the present day high density furnaces, the temperature may go upto 1120 deg. C or higher. As a result, the alloys used should posses excellent carburisation resistance and a number of special alloys have been developed in addition to normal alloys like HK-40, HP-40 NB and HP-40 WNB. Some of these alloys are HP-40NBTi (Micro-alloyed), 25Cr-35Ni-4.5w, 28Cr-48Ni-5w(Alloy 22H), 45Ni - 35CrWNB, 45Ni-35CrWNB (Micro-alloyed), etc.

Nitin undertakes fabrication of complete cracking coil assemblies including fittings like 'U' Bends, Elbros and Reducers.
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