Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces with capacities from 300.0 to 1500.0 Kgs
  2) Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machines
  3) Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines
  4) Dip-in Thermocouple type calibrated temperature recorder
  5) Lip / Bottom pouring laddles of various capacities
  6) Mechanized sand plant
  7) Jolt Squeeze Pin Lift type moulding machines
  8) Shell moulding machine
  9) Shell core blowing machines
  10) Sand muller, mixer, core sand mixer, core oven
Heat treatement furnace for Annealing, Normalizing, Solution Annealing
  12) E.O.T. Cranes of various capacities
  13) 48" Size, double table Shot Blasting machine
Swing Frame grinder, Electric / Pneumatic grinders, Chippers, Flexible Shaft grinders, Welding rectifiers
  15) Hydraulic / Pneumatic testing equipments
Fabrication facilities for TIG welding of Stainless Steel, HR Steel Cast / Wrought components
  1) Pull Boring machine with capacity up to 5500 mm length
  2) Cooper's Vertical Turret Lathes
  3) Horizontal Turret Lathe
  4) Centre Lathes of Various sizes up to 6000 mm length
  5) Radial Drilling Machine
  6) Milling machine
  7) Slotting machine
  8) Shaping machine
  9) Planing machine
  10) Tool and Cutter grinders etc.
Direct Reading computerized Baird make vacuum emission Spectrometer capable of analyzing 35 Elements including C,S & P and trace elements.
Wet Chemical analysis laboratory with Mettler balance to weigh up to 8th decimal of a gram.
  3) Room temperature & Elevated Temp Tensile Testing machine upto 1150 degc.
Gamma Ray Radiographic Unit, Film viewer, ASTM Reference radiographs.
  5) Metallurgical Microscope with Photomicrography attachments & accessories
  6) Ferrite meter.
  7) Dye Penetration testing facilities.
16000 mm long Boroscope with Camera & magnification attachments for checking root penetration of weld joints.
  9) Optical Brinell Hardness testing machine with 5 mm x 10 mm diaball and various load combinations upto 3000 Kg.
  10) Charpy and Izod impact testing machine.
  11) Creep Rupture testing facility ( upto 1200 degc )
Sand testing equipments for Sieve analysis, Permeability, Clay content, mould & core Hardness testing facility.
  13) Eddy Current testing equipment.
  14) Heat Treatment Furnace for research work.
  15) Abrasor Hardness comparator.
Calibrated linear Measurement Instruments such as Scales, Vernier, Calipers, Micrometer etc.
  17) Surface finish tester.
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