Nitin manufactures Centrifugal castings both by the horizontal and vertical processes. Tubes in all grades of Heat and Corrosion steels are manufactured by horizontal process in metallic moulds in sizes ranging from 60mm OD to 900 mm OD in lengths up to 5.5 meters with a minimum wall thickness of 6 mm.

Vertical Centrifugal casting process is employed for the production of castings of larger diameter and smaller heights. Nitin can manfacture castings by this process upto 1.2 meters in OD and 1 meter in height. Castings can be made either in metallic moulds or sand moulds.Castings which are not truly cylindrical can also be manufactured by this process.

Centrifugal castings manufactured by Nitin fluid diverse applications in various industries, some of which are given below :-

Fertilizers & Petrochemicals

Steel Plants

Sponge Iron & DRI Plants

Some of the items supplied to this industrial segment are :

Reformer Tubes

Cracking Coils

Outlet Manifolds Transfer Piping,etc
Centrifugal castings find Wide applications in steel plants. Some of these are given below:-

Blast Furnace : Burden feeder probe assembly
Hot Strip Mill : Run Out Table Rolls,Looper Rolls, etc.
Plate Mill : Normalising Furnace Roller, Radiant Tubes etc.
Galvanising &
Cold Rolling Mill :
Sink Rolls, Stabiliser Rolls, Radiant Tubes, Furnace Rolls, Deflector Rolls, Spools for Coiling, etc.
Pelletising Plant: Deck Rolls.
Many items made by Centrifugal Casting process are used in Gas-based and coal-based sponge iron plants. some of these are given below :-
DRI Plants
Sponge Iron Plants) :
Reformer Tubes, Burden Feeder Shaft, Feed Legs, etc.
Coal-based Plants : Air Injection Tubes, Feed Tubes, Coal Throw Pipes,
Central Burner Pipes, Heat Protection Tubes, etc.
Centrifugal castings are also employed for diverse applications in various other industries. Some of these are given below:
Decanters : Bowl Shells, Bowl extensions, Conveyor Tubes, etc.
Pig Iron Plants :
(Mini blast furnaces)
Glendon coils
Glass Industry : Lehr Rolls
Paper Industry : Suction Rolls
Aluminium Industry : Spools for coiling
Gasket Industry : Rings for ring joint gaskets
Tyre Machinery : Lift cylinders
Compressors & Diesel Engines : Liners
Mud slurry pumps : Liners
Pumps & Valves Bushes, Sleeves, Seat Rings, Body Rings, etc.
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