Reformer Tubes are used in Fertilizer Plants, gas-based Sponge Iron Plants, Refineries and Petrochemical Industries for the production of Ammonia, Methamol, Hydrogen Town Gas and Oxo Synthesis gas. Reforming process call for material to withstand high temperatures and pressures and tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting process are found ideal for such applications. In addition to conventional alloys like HK-40 and IN - 519, Nitin also manufactures these tubes in other alloys like HP-40Nb, HP-40 Ti (Micro-alloyed with Titanium and other elements) and other specially developed alloys.
At Nitin, Manufacture of Reformer Tubes started as early as 1975 and so far more than 7000 Reformer Tubes have been supplied in India and abroad. Reformer Tubes as per the designs of various International Process Consultants like Haldar-Topsoe, M.W. Kellogg, Toyo, Humphreys & Glasgow, Uhde, KTI etc have been manufactured under reputed Third party Inspection agencies like Llyods Register Industrial Services.
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