Considerable research and development work is being carried out all over the World in the field of applications of alloy steel castings, especially for high temperatures service. Newer and newer alloys are being developed for withstanding more and more stringent working conditions. This has made it essential that any alloy steel casting industry should have a well established research and development laboratory for keeping pace with the international trends in this field. Keeping this importance in mind, Nitin has set up its own research and development laboratory with all modern facilities.

Some of these facilities are:

Chemical analysis : Baird make Vacuum Emission Spectrometer capable of analysing 35 elements including trace elements and micro-alloying elements.
Mechanical testing : Universal Tensile Testing Machine (40T capacity) for Room Temperature and High Temperature (upto 1150 deg. C) tensile testing.

High Temp. Stress Rupture Testing Machines (upto 1200 deg. C)

Charpy & Izod Impact Testing Machine

Brinnel Hardness Tester

Portanble Equotip Hardness Tester.
Other facilities : Metallurgical Microscope.

Non-destructive testing facilities for radiography, Eddy Current Examination, Dye Penetrant Examination, etc.

With the help of above facilities, Nitin routinely undertakes failure investigations to ascertain the reasons for failure and to develop suitable solutions for getting better performance from the products.

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