NITIN specialises in the manufacture of High alloy Steel Castings for Heat and Corrosion resistant applications. Castings are made by conventional hand moulding, machine moulding and shell moulding process. Castings weighing upto 1.5 tons single piece are manufactured at Nitin.

NITIN commands total control over its production of castings. This assures a consistently high quality output, on desired time and at a competitive cost,, which enables NITIN to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Nitin specialises in the manufacture of intricate castings requiring high quality standards. Some of the typical items manufactured at Nitin for various industries are given below:

Fertilizers, Refineries, Petrochemicals : Tube Sheets, Tube supports, Brackets, Hangers,
U-Bends, Elbows, Y-pieces, etc.
Steel Plants : Breaker Discs & Lugs for Burden feeder shafts, tyres for wet rolls, Deck Panels, Rider castings, etc.
Heat treating : Trays, Conveyor belts, Diffusers, etc.
Decanters Hubs, Filtration wheel, etc.
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